2006 Arizona Archery Elk Hunt

Me with my 2006 Arizona 330" B&C bull. Taken on my last day to hunt.

Shaun Jones and I with my bull

Blake and Shaun enjoying the pack out. The only way to pack out an elk

Check out this short 1 minute clip of a 370 class bull. We were looking at two other 400+ bulls in the field that morning so I didn't want to shoot this bull. He came in from over 500 yards away with us standing out in the opening hitting our cow call. It was just so perfect with the camera rolling I couldn't pass up the opportunity. At the very last minute I picked up my bow off the ground when I decided I would take the shot with Blake on the camera and Shaun on the range finder. I didn't get set up for the shot until the very last second and didn't get my hand into my wrist sling and missed the 70 yard shot. I was so disgusted that the next day when the next bull gave me a 75 yard shot I thought I was just practicing looking down my peep site and before I knew it the arrow was on its way and the bull was dead before I could revive him! Dang it I hate when that happens.