Arizona Archery elk hunt

This hunt was made possible by a booking made by Chappell Guide Service, the hunt was guided by Call Family Outfitters.

Archery elk camp set up and ready to go for the 14 day hunt Dad always busy around camp
Mom and dad (camp cooks) enjoying some time off
Everyone enjoying a great meal after a fantastic day of archery hunting.Good grass this year
Great water in all the tanks
Good wallows, with bulls using them regularlyDanny scores first with a great 362" B&C bull
You can watch the full hunt on Chappell Hunting Productions "Extreme Bulls 6" Video. Danny steals the show when you see over 150 elk on a tank with Danny trying desparately to get a shot. Their were just too many elk to get a shot at one of the many bulls on the water at less than 50 yards. Then later in the hunt, he takes this bull on video. I was lucky enough to get the kill shot on camera as the bull comes in and circles almost completely around Danny's ground blind. Right before he gets down wind, Danny takes this bull at 60 yards with a one shot kill.

Danny and I just enjoying the success!
Dale scores on his bull on the second to last day. After passing on many bulls, he decides to punch his tag.
Whole gang with Dale's bull. L-R, Dale, Blake, Me, Danny and Kent

Kent takes this bull on his last morning. The Texas boys go 3 for 3 on their first Arizona Archery hunt. Great guys that have become great friends.