Arizona Archery Elk hunt - Unit 10

I have five children of my own and I have helped all of them harvest elk and deer as junior hunters. I was very excited when I talked with Colton's dad Rich about his sons archery elk hunt. Colton is just 13 years old and had never killed any big game animals. His first opportunity at such a young age would be with a bow in unit 10, on a bull elk hunt. High Point Outfitters was ready for the challenge that this hunt would provide and the privilege of hunting with a new hunter in the field. Colton is a special young man with great determination to fulfill his dream of harvesting a big bull. I never heard Colton complain once about the early morning starts, the long hikes or the extended hours just sitting in a ground blind. We were able to hunt the first four days of the hunt with some opportunities that we were just not able to get it done, before Colton needed to get back to middle school. Here is Colton just enjoying the hunt.
On the second weekend, HPO guide John Adams was able to spot a bull raking a tree over a mile away and the bull was just starting to bugle. The decision was made to get out of the ground blind that we were sitting watching a water hole and head to the bull with only a half hour of light. We cut the distance in half, and I started to cow call. The bull came running across the open valley right to us for a 30 yard shot. Colton stayed calm and made a great shot. He was able to harvest a beautiful 6X6 bull on his very first archery elk hunt. He will never be the same!

Colton and his dad Rich enjoying the success of a great bull. Colton may very well be the youngest archery hunter to harvest a bull elk this year with a bow.

The full crew on the hunt. From L-R, myself Kevin Call, Colton, Rich and John Adams

Look close under the flower, a rattle snake that just about got me on the hunt. Just a part of the experience I guess!

We had good rains before the hunt, the tanks and wallows were well used Another tank that usually doesn't have water, it was clear full

The wind really blew for a few days. It tore up the cook shack, and tore up the awning on the trailer, but the wall tent held up nicely. We just kept up the cook shack wall frame, it made a good lantern stand.

It was our privilege to get to hunt with Colton and his dad Rich this year. We were very fortunate to capture this hunt on video, so Colton can relive this hunt over and over as he watches the kill shot again and again. He will not forget this hunt for the rest of his life. I know I will remember it for the rest of my life, it was great to help a first time elk hunter at just 13 years old harvest his first bull elk with a bow, and it was a nice 6X6. Way to go Colton!