Early Rifle Bull Elk - Unit 10

HPO was very fortunate to be able to guide for Chappell Guide Service this year in unit 10 on the early rifle bull hunt. We had two hunters from Casa Grande, Arizona. Both Brian and Gilbert came into camp well prepared for the hunt with the right optic equipment and with good long range rifles to get the job done. We hit it off right from the start, as we had a mutual friend that we didn't know about until we were able to talk and to get to know each other. We started the hunt off quick as the bulls were in full rut and going crazy from the start. Opening morning found us with bulls all around us while we tried to decide which one to harvest. It is great to have choices like that. Brian decided he liked this bull with a split main beam on the bull's right with a very heavy top and a great 7th point side on the bull's left side. Certainly a very unique bull, and a bull of a life time for Brian's first ever bull.
Myself and Brian with the bull. The bull has a 26" G-2 on his right side, that is just massive. The beam actually splits behind that point into another main beam.

Gilbert, Brian and myself

The full HPO crew from L-R, Blake Call, Gilbert, Brian, John Adams and Kevin Call

Gilbert just couldn't hold out any longer! He was ready to kill an elk on day three. After passing this same bull up at 200 yards on day two trying to take a larger 8X7, it was time to get it done. HPO guide John Adams found this bull bedded with his cows in a very stalkable location a mile away. Blake (better known as the camera man) and me were off with Gilbert to make it happen. After a 20 minute standoff with the bull bugling from his bed at us after every cow call, he finally had enough and he got up from his hidden bed location to check his cows. Gilbert made it happen quick. It is a great bull scoring at 385 B&C. What bull, way to go Gilbert!
Brian, myself and Gilbert enjoying the finish of a fantastic hunt.
The full HPO crew, L-R Kevin Call, Blake Call, John Adams, Gilbert and Brian.
Both Brian and Gilbert were a true joy to be able to meet and to have the privilege of hunting with. All of the HPO team enjoyed our hunt with these two gentleman. We were able to get both hunts on video so we will all be able to enjoy these hunts over and over again.