Colorado 2010

We got tired of waiting for 4th season deer tags in our favorite Colorado unit so we opted for an elk hunt. The real purpose for the hunt was to see what the deer were doing. With very little snow on the ground, the elk were way up high. Too high for me to get excited about climbing the steep stuff to kill a rag horn. So I just enjoyed looking at all the rutting deer. We saw some great bucks, so we will remain patient and wait for a deer tag. Here are some sheds from this past winter in our unit. Both bucks are over 200 inches. Can't wait to get a deer tag!
Colorado has the largest sage brush around. This one looks like a cedar tree! It is over 10' tall, I just had to get a picture of the guys. L-R, myself, Blake, Scott, Jake and Nick Walton
The boys enjoying time away from college studies in Colorado. Not much snow for a 4th season hunt.