Antelope Hunts - Arizona 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know how the hunts have been going so far this year, but first a quick note about our name change. Call Family Outfitters has changed it's name to High Point Outfitters. John Adams has been such a large part of our success over the past few years that Blake and I decided it was time to make a name change. So it is the same great guides that it has always been, just a new name.

Our summer scouting came in handy on our first hunt of the year with 12 year old Bode Walker and his father Scott. We put this buck to bed the night before the hunt and made fast work of the hunt opening morning with Bode making a great shot and putting the buck right down with all of the action being captured on film while another group of hunters were closing in. Scott had Bode ready for this hunt by shooting with him all summer. We think Bode has to be one of the best shots we have had over the years. Bode took his first book antelope in Arizona unit 10 with some great shooting! What to go Bode!

After taking care of our archery elk hunter on the first morning (more about the archery elk hunt above) we turned our attention to another antelope hunt for the last two days of Juan Garcia's season for his first Arizona Antelope. We were also able to catch this hunt on film and will put some clips up soon. Juan had to take a long shot at this wise old 16 1/2" buck, and made it count. It was fun to be able to hunt with Juan and his brother!