Archery Elk Hunt 2011

We had a quick but sweet archery elk hunt this year. Mark Heal was lucky enough to draw a Unit 10 Archery Elk tag. He chose High Point Outfitters to guide him just days after the draw. We were excited to have a chance to guide such a great guy and someone who can shoot his bow so well. After a call in went bust right at first light on opening morning, we were moving to our next bugling bull for our next set up when we found ourselves in the middle of this bull pushing his cows right to us chasing our cow calls. The cows had enough of us real quick but the bull was convinced there was another cow that he needed to find. After some quick repositioning, and some well timed cow calls by John this bull gave Mark a 60 yard shot. I was able to catch all of the action on film over Mark's shoulder, and watched the arrow hit the bull's shoulder perfectly. The bull only went 50 yards and stopped sky lined to give me some good footage, then he started to wobble. The bull went another 20 yards and fell over. The hunt was all over after a quick and fun filled hour into the hunt. Mark was very excited to take such a great Arizona bull.

We sure had a great time with Mark, it was a real bummer to have to pack all the food and take it home that we had for a 10 day hunt after just one day. But that's just how some hunts go, we will take an easy archery hunt every now and then!