Arizona Early Rifle Bull - Unit 10

Trevor fulfilled many hunters dreams at the young age of just 13! Many people have told him that he will never be the same after this hunt, they are probably right. He will be a BIG BULL hunter for the rest of his life! Things fell into place after his mother drew an Arizona early rifle bull tag in unit 10, which she then transferred to Trevor, (how lucky can you get!) High Point Outfitters went to work looking for a special bull for Trevor. After passing bull after bull (all caught on film) in the 350-370 range the first day and half the right bull finally gave Trevor the chance on the second night of his hunt. Trevor had been practicing with his rifle for over a month, it was time to put all of his practice time to good use. After a couple of misses, just to get our adrenalin running good, he put the hammer down on this great 7 x 8 bull. Truly harvesting a bull of a life time. It was a great hunt, and it was all caught on film for him to be enjoyed for the rest of his life. Come make a memory with High Point Outfitters, when you draw an Arizona tag, call us and let us help you with your hunt of a life time. Click on the "like us" link to follow us on Facebook. Clips to be posted once we get some time to stop hunting!

From left to right - John Adams, Corey Jones, Blake Call, Shaun Jones, Trevor and Kevin Call - Thanks guys it was simply awesome!