Arizona 7E Elk Hunts 2012

We enjoyed some great early rifle elk hunts in Arizona Unit 7 this year! We are very fortunate to live in Flagstaff, so this unit is right out our back door where we spend a lot of time in both 7 west and 7 east. The AG&F put three early rifle hunts in the Kachina Wilderness area found high on the Peaks in 7E this year. We have hunted on top of the Peaks for over 30 years. We know this area very well. There used to be plenty of good mule deer bucks on top of the Peaks, but they have all been replaced by bull elk. The Schultz Fire two years ago has really changed the unit. The fire has opened the area up to glassing to enable us to see the quality of the animals in the area.

We were fortunate to have two Bull Elk hunts in the area. Our first hunt we guided 12 year old Mathew. It is not an easy unit to guide in since it requires plenty of boot leather to get into where the elk are. Mathew was a trooper getting into the area and then making a perfect shot on a great bull. We got it done opening evening, and then we had a fun pack out on bikes the next day. As you can see from the pictures we are right at tree line in some steep rugged terrain that sure looks like Colorado. Yes this is Arizona! Come and enjoy a Guide only or fully Outfitted hunt with us next year in either 7 West or 7 East. The general Bull Elk Hunts in November are as good as any general elk hunt in the state of Arizona for 6x6 bulls.
Elk Hunting Arizona - High Point Outfitters
Elk Hunting Arizona - High Point OutfittersElk Hunting Arizona - High Point Outfitters
The next bull to go down was for Rob and his son Kenny.  Can you believe we talked 10 year old Kenny into hiking up into the Kachina Wilderness in 7 East?  Actually he had so much energy there was no way to leave him behind.  What a great father –son hunt.  One that they will never forget.  Rob great bull, way to get it done on a great bull!  
Elk Hunting Arizona - High Point Outfitters